managed solutions


Why managed solutions?

To gain competitiveness, your business could embrace technology through business-oriented applications. However, all of your attentions and focus should be given to your business, not the applications. It is recommended to ask professional services to handle how the applications will be built, operated and maintained to achieve maximum availability and performance. Our company offers a full-fledged managed solution to manage your your business-application requirements with affordable prices and excellent supports.


Comprehensive services

    Application Development

    Build the right application for your business needs. Our engineering team offers the capability to build modern web, desktop, and mobile applications with excellent reliability and performance. We ensure the build quality through rigorous testing procedures.

    System Integration

    Connect different systems and functions by building Host-to-host (H2H) connection or exposing service as API (application programming interface). We could help you to explore new business models or improve current business operation through through system integration.

    Cloud Consulting

    Cloud computing offers cost-effective solution on IT operations. Move your business application to cloud service and gain the benefit of cloud computing technology. With cloud, you can enhance operational efficiency and reliability, with lower investment on computing infrastructure.

    Application Management

    Lessen your concern on how your business-application works and focus on your core business for greater goods. You should ask us to improve your application uptime with cloud computing and disaster recovery supports. Gain high-availability on your business application and reduce the risk of data-loss.
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